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The Partsmanagers

Genuine car parts. Genuine advice.


We are
The Partsmanagers

Your trusted partner in genuine automotive parts.


The Partsmanagers

The Partsmanagers is an online platform, specialized in the supply of genuine automotive parts for all the major car brands. Not only do we offer parts straight from the manufacturer to business-to-business companies and the retail industry, particularly for the European market. We also provide our customers with valuable information and advice. Although The Partsmanagers was only established in 2019 in Breda, The Netherlands, we have over 30 years of experience in the business of genuine car parts.

Experience, knowledge, network

The demand for genuine automotive parts has been growing steadily, mainly due to the limited availability of replacement parts. Manufacturers simply are unable to supply the market in time or don’t provide all segments in the automotive market. Because of our broad experience, our international network, close contacts and extensive knowledge of the industry, we can provide our customers with valuable advice and the best genuine parts at competitive prices.

Products & services

The Partsmanagers is an intermediary between car specialists, dealerships, garages, B2C specialists, national distributors, and import specialists. It is our main mission to help our customers gain access to genuine car parts in the automotive market and to help them find the best solutions by actively searching for the best parts at the best possible price. Thus saving costs without having to compromise on quality.

We help you find the right parts, solve any back order issues you might have, and give you access to stocks worldwide.

Genuine parts

One of our major strengths is managing genuine automotive parts for the major European, Asian and American brands. Additionally, we can support you with all your OEM (original equipment manufacturer) projects and any customized automotive products. Over the last 30 years we have established trustworthy business relationships with reliable partners.

Because of our direct contacts with manufacturers and by purchasing in large volumes, we are able to supply car parts with great purchasing advantages. Since we have access to the original data of manufacturers (such as stock levels, technical data, prices, parts number for 30 European countries), we can always provide you with the right information and advice.

Genuine advice

The Partsmanagers aims to connect businesses and people in the automotive industry in order to establish an innovative supply chain for genuine car parts. It is our aim to establish long-lasting relationships with all our clientele.

Because of our direct contacts with manufacturers we have valuable knowledge and experience at our disposal, which we are more than happy to share with our customers. That way we bring together two different worlds – manufacturers and dealers, garages and consumers – that have always operated separately. We share our experience and knowledge to create new business opportunities.

100% genuine. Guaranteed

We guarantee that each and every car part we have on offer is 100% genuine, straight from the manufacturer. Each part has the manufacturer’s label and sticker on it, so that you can be assured you buy the real deal.

So, whether you are a distributor, car dealer or specialized garage, with our genuine car parts and our genuine advice, The Parts Managers can help your organization advance.

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